Emergency Access

On the 20th September 2015, Boothstown Football Club, found ourselves in a situation that we never want to be in for the future. The car park at the Clubhouse was a mess, cars abandoned everywhere and there was no order. Perfect chaos. However, two of our players were seriously injured on the pitch, and we had to call the Emergency Services as they needed medical attention. The issue the Club had was that the Doctor who arrived couldn’t get their vehicle onto the Park and also the attending ambulance that was called couldn’t gain access. Parents had to physically move cars in order that entry could be obtained and that the boys got the medical attention that was needed.

The Emergency Services advised that we had put the lads at risk and that we need to do something to prevent this happening in the future. We were also in trouble with the residents as cars were left across drives etc and they were double parked

In order to combat this problem, the club now employs a parking attendant to both ensure an ambulance would have easy access to the pitch if required but also to help you, the drivers, have an easier time entering and exiting the campus. However, he is not a miracle worker and still requires co-operation from those wishing to enter the car park.

What we request of you is very simple, just be co-operative, helpful and kind, and he will have you parked up, watching your child’s game in no time at all. We also ask that, despite what you may be told, you do not arrive at the ground until half an hour before the match is due to start. If you follow these two simple steps, we will have no issue whatsoever and everybody can enjoy the morning (let us all just hope the weather is as kind as you!!). We thank you for your co-operation.

At the top of this page is a diagram of how the car park looks and works. The green arrows show the direction of traffic coming into the car park, whilst the red arrows show the route cars should take when leaving the car park. Disabled spaces are indicated on the map by disabled signs, and anyone wishing to use these spaces must speak to the car park attendant upon arrival. Smaller vehicles will be directed to the spaces at the bottom of the map (hence the cars on the map are smaller) whilst larger vehicles will be directed into the spaces at the top. Ambulance access is (for pitches 1 and 2) straight as you come in, just below the disabled parking spaces on the map. For pitches 3 and 4, the ambulance would go straight past the disabled spaces, and then past the first row of cars next to the clubhouse, before heading onto the grass. We do have an overflow area in the event of the main car park filling up. This is an old service road built by Countryside Homes for their latest construction project, although they no longer use it and it now belongs to the club. Cars are instructed to park along the side furthest from the pitches, leaving enough room for cars to drive past them on the left hand side (looking up from the main car park). ALL vehicles must depart the car park by taking the road at the bottom of the map, in order to keep the flow of traffic. A larger and more detailed version of the map can be found by following the link below. Thank you.

Car park layout