Name: Ian Greene

Role(s)/Title: Pitch Allocation and Maintenance

Occupation: Engineer

What role involves:
Myself and Dave Tinsley are responsible for making sure that the pitches at Boothstown are well maintained – seeded, cut and marked out. We also liaise with pitch allocation officers for Salford and Wigan. We also ensure that the time management for the pitches is workable and that all teams have a pitch available for home matches, friendlies and training when needed.

How long been involved with club:
My son joined the club 7 years ago and I have been involved ever since.

If not involved for a long time, why you decided to become a part of the Exec/Club:
I became part of the exec for 2008/ 2009 football season as I was asked if I would take the role for pitch allocation and maintenance as the current holder was moving on.