Key Roles and Role Profiles

This document forms a summary of the key roles and the responsibilities of each of those roles in the management of Boothstown FC.

The Honorary President is a non-executive position but should be seen as a “Figure Head” within the club, to provide advice and guidance for Committee Members and is responsible for assisting the committee in their duties of improving the Club and its facilities.

The Chairman is responsible for running and co-ordinating Committee meetings and ensuring that the club’s Constitution and Rules are adhered to within those meetings.

They should also assist and guide the Executive Committee, liase with governing bodies, associates and others in order to enhance the running and development of the club as well as advise and deal with club matters as and when required, taking on specific tasks within the club structure.

To assist the Chairman with their role in co-ordinating the Executive Committee; to advise and deal with club matters as and when required whilst also taking on specific roles within the club structure.

The Treasurer is responsible for all Club funds and ensuring they are administered legally. Responsibilities also include ensuring that the Committee is aware of the current financial status of the Club and to advise the release or use of funds where necessary.

The Secretary administers all general correspondence for the Club. This includes liason with the relevant leagues, registration of teams, paying of bills/fines, etc. and with all other Executive Committee and club members regarding all aspects of administering the club.

The Registrations Secretary administers all correspondence in relation to the registering of players with the club, to ensure that only registered players are playing matches for Boothstown FC. This may include liaison with the relevant leagues and with all other Executive Committee and club members regarding all aspects of club registration.

The CPO is responsible for coordinating and delivering the Child Protection agenda for the Club. The role holder will be appropriately qualified and checked in line with FA Charter Standard Guidelines and will ensure a rigorous process of checks and screening of all club managers, trainers and volunteers.

Role holder will ensure that all teams operate within guidelines laid down by charter status and that the welfare and safety of children are of primary and without compromise.

Role holder will be responsible for preparation, submission and maintenance of the charter standard documentation for the club.

The pitch allocation officer will seasonally allocate pitches to teams playing at Bridgwater Park or at other venues within the area and liase with the Local Authorities concerned.

On a weekly basis during the season, they will co-ordinate pitches and kick-off times to all teams playing at Bridgewater Park and – at times of inclement weather – determine the suitability of the pitches for matches and training sessions. During the closed season, they will allocate and co-ordinate times for training sessions at Bridgewater Park.

Manages all affairs in relation to the maintenance of Bridgewater Park and the grounds, including: grass cutting, pitch marking, drainage and close season repairs / renovation.

This officer will be responsible for co-ordinating and managing the raising of income for the Club. It may also involve the co-ordination of a Social Committee in order to arrange fund raising and social events with the support of Committee Members and Team Managers.

The officer should liaise and co-ordinate with any individual Social Assistants, ensure their objectives are clear and that they act within The Club Constitution & Rules.

Team managers are responsible for the day to day running of their individual team in accordance with The Club Constitution and Rules and in accordance with all appropriate legislation administered by the The Football Association.

Team Managers are responsible only to the Executive Committee.

Main duties would include:

  1. To work with the Junior Club Coach(es).
  2. To ensure that fixtures and referees are arranged on time.
  3. To organise winter training (where applicable).
  4. To take responsibility for kit and equipment.
  5. To ensure that registration fees are collected and submitted to the club treasurer.
  6. To co-ordinate transport details for away venue games.
  7. To attend both Club and League Meetings.
  8. To welcome new members and induct them into the Club.
  9. To control the conduct of the players, parents and coaches associated with their team at all times.
  10. Sourcing kit sponsorship.

Liases with the Football Association regarding efforts to implement the FA’s RESPECT programme and ensures that the club does everything it can to make youth football an enjoyable experience for all.